We offer musical programs for schools in Malaga, Marbella and across the Costa del Sol, designed to enrich their educational offerings.

We work with our students to inspire them to be more musically creative and confident, organising or supporting school events, such as recitals, concerts and theatre shows. Our students love to share their accomplishments with their peers, teachers and parents – enhancing the sense of community throughout the school.

Presentation Concert:

At the beginning of the school year our Royal School of Music teachers invite students and parents to a concert. This event showcases our service and enables parents to learn more and ask questions.

Casting and timetables:

At the beginning of the school year we meet with our students to decipher their musical levels and organise the classes accordingly.



· Piano · Guitar · Percussion · Modern singing · Violin · Cello ·
Double bass · Wind instruments


· Musical language · Rock group · Chamber music · Choir

We highly recommend complementing instrumental classes with musical language.

Profesora en clases de guitarra en un colegio
Profesor de guitarra dando clases a niños


Our teachers are musicians with specific experience in providing music classes to schools. They are highly qualified with pedagogical training. We combine fun and discipline to motivate students and impart a passion for music.

Royal School of Music is able to provide lessons in different languages;

Spanish, French, German, English.

Didactic material

During the school year the students will learn with the methods proposed in the current programs of the conservatorios de Andalucía.

They will also be given additional music scores.

The student is required to own the instrument that they are learning.


Public and/or private concerts will be organised in the school/ centre annually. Students will perform the pieces studied in the course. These concerts are not only a part of the program but a very important moment for the student to progress as a performer.


Instrument classes:

– Group of 2 students 30 minutes
– Group of 3 students 45 minutes

Complementary classes:

Choir, musical language, rock group, chamber

1 hour

Please feel free to enquire for more information on the Royal School of Music and our variety of musical classes and services.

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